Each day we are presented with an almost limitless supply of potentially interesting and valuable media to consume. In a fraction of the second we make the decision to consume it, delay it for later or simply ignore it. But how often do we defer reading something and never get around to it?

Sometimes this happens because our systems let us down. Maybe we accidentally close the browser tab before reading the article. Maybe we forget to add it to our favourite "read later" application. Or maybe, we simply never get around to it because the buffer of new and interesting content becomes too long and some get purged.

This has happened to me countless times, so what can we do about it?

Recent advances in AI/ML based on Large Language Models (LLMs) make document summarisation easily accessible, accurate and reliable. Earlier today I asked a model to summarise a 17 page report on Generative AI into the top five takeaways in less than 250 words. A few seconds later I was reading the highlights and could then decide whether to invest the time to read the full report with more conviction or not.

Generative AI models and their applications are evolving quickly. Used wisely, they can significantly boost your efficiency and productivity each day.